Thank you for your participation
in the European Navigation Conference 2015 !

TOPOS and IFN were pleased to organize the conference and welcome all the delegates and partners.

This year, the ENC gathered more than 250 people (researchers, industrials…) coming from all around the world: Europe, China, Korea, Russia, USA…

Fiammetta Diani (Deputy Head of Market Development of GSA) launched the conference with an opening session dealing with The Impact of GNSS on the downstream European Economic Sector (see

Three main subjects were studied through round tables:

  • GNSS for aeronautical applications, from GPS to Multi-constellation with Galileo with B.Roturier (DGAC),
  • GNSS resilience for terrestrial & Naval applications with L.Ries (CNES),
  • Alternative GNSS positioning systems with B.Bellabas (DLR).

with the participation of manufacturers, clusters, associations, authorities and institutes of the industry.

The main outcomes of these discussions are:

  • EC bodies and industries more and more aware of the impact of GNSS for the downstream European Economic Sector
  • Galileo/Egnos provides true opportunities for developing new services (improved aeronautic operations, safety, availability,…)
  • Strong need to standardize the GNSS based performances and equipments, and to define the roles of operators for maritime and railway applications (as per aeronautic)
  • Resilience of GNSS based services needs to be consolidated:
    • At service level (local monitoring)
    • At national level (surveys, law protection)
    • At user level (Rx augmentation, Rx toughening)
  • SoL service providers still evaluate improvement of backup navigation systems in order to provide seamless navigation capabilities; aeronautic (inertia, VOR/DME), maritime (eLoran), terrestrial (SoO,  …), timing based (atomic clocks)
  • Future navigation systems  (ITS, …) will  need to merge all autonomous (inertia, Slam, magneto…)  and non-autonomous (SoO, Anchors, ….) navigation  means together with the GNSS systems.

 During the evening event on April 9th, P.Foix and M.Duval-Destin from Thales showed their thinking about driverless car and enlightened that the limits are not technical – the technology already exists – but concern liability (manufacturer, supplier, mechanic, States…), regulations (differences in the Highway Code between countries), psychology of the consumer (fear of not controlling the vehicle), insurance (according to KPMG, only 10% of American insurance companies already have a strategic plan about driverless cars)… At last, the automotive industry would meet the aeronautics standards (certification, control, navigation precision…) with its specified needs sometimes even more restrictive.

As for the conference, a hundred papers were presented orally or with posters covering 21 subjects such as:
Aeronautic Navigation, Augmentation Systems, Automotive & Railway Navigation, GNSS – Critical infrastructure, GNSS Receiver Technology – Hardware, Antennas, GNSS Receiver Technologies – Software, algorithms, GNSS-Integrity, Security and vulnerability, GNSS Programs Multi-Constellations, Indoor Positioning, GNSS & Inertial systems, Interoperability and Multi-Constellation, Localisation Based Services, Maritime and waterway Navigation, Modern applications and future GNSS developments, Precise Point Positioning, Time and Frequency Transfer…

The proceedings of these papers are already available in the « My Account » space of the website with the access code you received by email.

We thank all the exhibitors and our partners for their participation and support and we hope you had a great time during the ENC 2015 in the wonderful city of Bordeaux !



The European Navigation Conference is an annual congress organized under the auspices of the European Group of Institutes of Navigation (EUGIN). Gathering 150 members of the scientific community and more than 300 guests overall, the ENC is a unique opportunity to meet all the key players in the navigation area. It is renowned for its high-level scientific activities highlighted during the conference and the wide range of topics covered.

The 2015 ENC conference will be hosted by the Institut Français de Navigation (IFN) and TOPOS Aquitaine and will be held April 7 through 10 at Centre de Congrès Cité mondiale in Bordeaux, France.

It will be a showcase for state-of-the-art technology and for innovations in the fields of terrestrial and satellite navigation. The conference will focus on the present status as well as on future developments in navigation systems, with special emphasis on Galileo that will be facing early-phase challenges.

A plenary session will be held to inform the community of the status of the major GNSS programs. Then experts will present their research through 150 parallel session and poster presentations.


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